UK: Cannabis farm backed by British Lord raises £1.6m

VIDA Global has big dreams—they want to sell their medicinal cannabis to pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe and beyond, where it’ll be used to treat pain relief, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and dietary problems.

Backed by a UK peer Lord Mancroft, the company has an 100 acre farm in Colombia to grow the plant on, they’re in talks with pharmaceutical companies and they’ve just secured £1.6m more funding to make it happen.

There is only one problem. Even though laws around medicinal cannabis continue to loosen, in many countries very few doctors prescribe the drug.

This is a particular concern in the UK, which is not only where AVIDA Global is from but also what it hopes to be one of its core markets.

“Even though it’s now legal in the UK, doctors still aren’t prescribing it,” says David Kirby, the chief executive of AVIDA Global. “They don’t understand it, they’re not trained about it.”

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