UK: Brighton patient holds cannabis party for MS sufferers

A man who campaigned for cannabis to be legalised to treat his illness has celebrated with fellow patients.

Clark French, 37, fought for the drug to be legalised for medicinal use to help treat his multiple sclerosis.

Now, Clark and other people who have been legally prescribed cannabis have come together at a vape party to celebrate being able to use the drug.

Clark, who is part of the United Patients Alliance, said: “It’s life-changing. It feels like such a relief.

“I have a son who is only two and a half and now that I have the prescription I can be a good dad in my community.

“It can wreak havoc on people’s mental health but now it’s great not to be worried or scared.”

Clark, from Woodingdean, has fought to be able to use medicinal cannabis for a number of years to help with his MS.

The condition, which can cause serious disability, can cause sufferers to experience fatigue and muscle stiffness as well as other symptoms. These can either be worsening or can occur periodically.

To celebrate having a legal prescription for the drug, Clark and a number of other patients held a vape party in The Lanes in Brighton where they could medicate together.

The event was attended by cannabis celebrity Major Green, himself a legal cannabis patient, who said: “The vape party was a fantastic event, I loved the volcanos and legally consuming my medicine with other prescribed patients.”

The Argus: Cannabis celebrity Major Green at the event in BrightonCannabis celebrity Major Green at the event in Brighton (Image: Clark French)

Clark’s fight for legally prescribed cannabis has gained support from MPs including Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour MP for Kemp Town.

In a statement, Russell-Moyle said: “Denying the science of medical cannabis is like any other science denialism, you can’t trust scientists on climate change or vaccines but not on cannabis.

“There are now countless peer-reviewed studies and a settled opinion that medical cannabis assists in many illnesses.

“Multiple Sclerosis is an awful illness and if they’re able to have some relief then I wish them all the best.

“While I wholeheartedly back medical cannabis, I was unaware a party was taking place but if it’s legal or to further medical justice then good luck to them.”




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