BEN Nevis has become notorious as a favoured spot for weed smokers to get high.

Stoners are using an emergency shelter on the UK’s highest peak for “hotboxing” — smoking weed in an enclosed space to boost its effects.

Murray, an engineer from Kinross, posted a snap of the hut near the 4,411ft (1,345m) peak.

He wrote: “Climbed Nevis to find two dudes hotboxing the wee den at the top.”

Other climbers have also reported seeing and smelling drug users on the Scottish peak.

David King wrote: “I walked up the Ben last weekend and the amount of stoners was unreal.

“I honestly passed about six groups.” Douglas Sykes quipped: “It should mask the smell of pish in that hut, least for a wee while.”

Last month mountaineers from Yorkshire saw Ben Nevis climbers smoking joints then walking down barefoot.

Joanne Kent said: “People need to take the mountain seriously.”