The Daily Mirror reports…

Hull Crown Court heard the pair had been targeted by drug dealers “further up the chain.”

However officers found drug paraphernalia, drug dealer lists and a large stash of small quantities of cannabis at the home, reports

Prosecutor Michele Stuart-Lofthouse said officers attended the Valiant Drive property on two occasions and found Roberts at the address the second time.

She said: “They asked the defendant if they could search the property and she said yes.

“A search found drug paraphernalia, cannabis in small bags and three cannabis plants on the kitchen table.

“Weapons including a small pick axe and home-made knuckle duster were also found. This was purely street dealing, your Honour.

“The plants and cannabis were taken to the laboratory where forensic tests were carried out and found the drugs to be skunk and cannabis, drugs of class B.”

She added: “Together, there were 75 grams of cannabis and which would suggest it was at street level.”

Forensic experts revealed that the phone had been used to contact dealers for amounts of cannabis.

Both pleaded guilty to possessing a class B drug with intent to supply and possessing a class B drug.