Merry Jane reports

Instead of returning the ganja to its rightful owner, or simply stashing it, the Pittsburgh rideshare narc called the cops, who quickly set a trap to catch the forgetful weed lover.

When it comes to navigating cannabis business in states without adult-use legalization, avoiding Johnny Law is rule number one. Rule number two? Don’t leave pounds of weed in an Uber.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to 21-year-old Pennsylvania resident Malik Mollett, who left a particularly pricey shopping bag in the back of a rideshare late last month. But while the two pounds of vacuum sealed weed marked “GG4” was eventually returned to Mollett, his luck didn’t last, with undercover state troopers providing the lost and found service with a side of handcuffs.

According to local Pittsburgh news channel WPXI, the story all started on December 29th, when Mollett took a seemingly-regular Uber ride and forgot his cargo on the way out. After realizing that he had left a bag filled with two pounds of pot in a strangers car, the forgetful stoner immediately e-mailed Uber and reached out to the driver.

Little did Mollett know, though, his ride that fateful December night was a straight-laced snitch. Apparently, the driver and had already taken a peek inside the bag, discovered the greenery, and called in the cops. By the time Mollett got back in contact with who he thought was the driver, he was actually talking to PA state troopers.