UB40 star Robin Campbell says UK should take California’s lead and legalise cannabis

The UK Daily Mirror

UB40 star Robin Campbell feels that it is time for the UK to make cannabis legal – similar to many States in the US.

He has expressed that the UK could follow the lead of American states like California and Nevada, who have licensed personal use of the drug, generating billions in sales taxes.

Robin, who sang on the band’s 80s tune Mi Spliff, feels that tax income could aid the debilitated NHS, which is being “dismantled” by the Tories.

Robin believes a government-backed programme could “absolutely” raise billions for the under-pressure health service through taxation.

The Brummie music icon is inspired by US states, which have generated vast tax revenue from drug licensing.

Source:  https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/us-celebrity-news/ub40-robin-campbell-cannabis-legal-30517581

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