Tyson 2.0, Iconic Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Brand, Now Available in Massachusetts and Nevada

 Tyson 2.0, legendary boxer, entrepreneur and icon Mike Tyson’s newly launched cannabis company announced today that its premium cannabis line is now available across select retailers in the state of Massachusetts and Nevada. Designed with his national fanbase in mind, Tyson 2.0 cannabis products will provide consumers with a suite of flower products offered at multiple price points.

“Thrilled to bring the Tyson 2.0 line of products and my favorite cannabis strains to fans in Massachusetts and in my home state of Nevada,” said Mike Tyson, Chief Brand Officer for Tyson 2.0. “Cannabis has been an integral part of my health and wellness, and I look forward to sharing my experience with others through our line of premium cannabis products, all tested and approved by me.”

Tyson 2.0 will debut in Massachusetts, through its exclusive cultivation, manufacturing and distribution partnership with Columbia Care, with eighth (3.5g) jars of flower featuring several strains including Animal Mints, Cookies N’ Cream and Citrus Berry.  The products will initially be available at Cannabist locations in Boston and Lowell and at Patriot Care in Greenfield. Tyson 2.0 pre-rolls and vapes will be available in Q1 of 2022.

Nevada will roll out Tyson 2.0 products across flagship locations including Planet 13, Thrive and Apothecarium dispensaries with eighths (3.5g) jars of flower and 1 gram pre-rolls from the highly-anticipated Toad line (Desert Toad, Southern Toad, West Coast Toad) as well as Tyson’s all-time favorite strain, Sour Diesel.  Vapes, edibles, concentrates and blunts will be available in early 2022.  Tyson 2.0 branded merchandise is available for purchase at shoptyson20.com.

“With the launch of our product line in Massachusetts and Nevada, we remain focused on our growth strategy bringing Tyson 2.0 to retailers nationwide and continuing to build upon our strong network of partners,  such as Columbia Care,” shared Adam Wilks, Tyson 2.0 CEO. “Both Massachusetts and Nevada are key markets for the brand and with Nevada being Mike’s hometown and the boxing capital of the world, we are certainly excited to reach Mike’s fanbase in these markets.”

For more information on Tyson 2.0, visit Tyson20.com.

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