Two dealers arrested in Perugia, with hashish, cocaine, heroin

Staff of the State Police of the Perugia Police Headquarters arrested two citizens of Tunisian origin – born in 1991 and born in 1999, both irregular on the national territory – in the blatant crime of trafficking and detention for the purpose of drug trafficking and for resistance to a Public Official.

During a targeted Judicial Police service, the two citizens foreigners were monitored while giving a buyer a dose of the drug, such as heroin, for a total weight of about 0.75 grams. At the time of the check, the 31-year-old and the 23-year-old attempted to flee, but they were chased and blocked by the cops.

The personal and home search also made it possible to seize about 95 grams of hashish, 30 grams of heroin and 3 grams of cocaine, the phones used by the suspects – evidently dedicated to the illegal activity – as well as the sum of 9,600.00 euros. approximately, proceeds from the trading activity.

The judicial police activity is part of the investigations carried out daily by the Perugia Mobile Squad aimed at contrast the sale of drugs in the area; in this context, the investigations made it possible to acquire serious evidence of guilt in relation to a flourishing business of drug dealing, in particular heroin.

The investigations – supported by numerous observation services in the area, as well as by testimonial feedback – made it possible to ascertain how the suspects shared an apartment, from which they left – almost daily and several times a day – to meet the numerous customers.

The disposals of amazingaccording to what the investigators found, they took place in the neighborhood adjacent to the home of the suspects, among the narrow alleys of the historic center of Perugia, also in order to evade any investigations and make it difficult for law enforcement to take action.

Upon completion of the operations, the two men, one of whom had a criminal and police record, were arrested for the crime of drug dealing and detention for the purpose of drug dealing, in light of the evidence in evidence.

The arrested, after the ritual activities, at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor on duty of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Republic at the Court of Perugia, they were associated with the prison of Perugia Capanne.


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