Turkish security forces confiscated five tons and 209 kilograms of hashish in an anti-narcotics operation against the PKK in southeastern Turkey’s Diyarbakır province, the local governor’s office said Wednesday.

The operation was previously made public by Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on Tuesday as police units also seized two tons of cannabis in Istanbul.

In a statement, the Diyarbakır Governor’s Office said gendarmerie units, village guards and police special operation teams carried out the operation in the Lice district of Diyarbakır on Feb. 12.

Security units seized five tons and 209 kilograms of hashish in bins and sacks buried in the ground at ten different points in the rural areas of the district.

According to the governorship, various weapons and ammunition were also seized during the operation and several shelters used by the terrorists were discovered by security forces.

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