A border guards unit on Tuesday engaged and destroyed a vehicle carrying a large load of narcotics after it tried to cross from Syrian territory into Jordanian territory, a Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) source announced on Wednesday.

The source said an Eastern Military Zone unit foiled the smuggling attempt on the eastern borders with Syria in coordination with the Anti-Narcotics Department, adding that the truck was totally destroyed and those inside fled back into Syrian territory.

The vehicle was carrying 765 kilos of Hashish and 3.28 million pills of fenethylline (captagon) in addition to firearms and munitions; all referred to competent authorities, according to the military sources which added that other quantities of narcotics were destroyed after the vehicle caught fire as a result of the encounter.

The source stressed that the armed forces will deal firmly and decisively with any infiltration or smuggling attempt and will deal with anyone tempted to tamper with national security.