A 25-year-old man is currently in police custody after he was held with a large quantity of marijuana.

The suspect was held in a white Wingroad wagon Tuesday afternoon along the Paria Main Road, Matelot.

Officers of the Eastern Division were conducting exercises in the area when they had cause to stop the car.

A search was conducted and the drugs – estimate to be five pounds – were found in the trunk of the car.

As a result of the find, the man was arrested and taken into custody.

He is expected to be questioned and charged with the offence of possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking.

During this same exercise, two men, who were riding bicycles along the roadway, were also stopped.

One of the men, a 29-year-old from Beggs Trace, Toco, allegedly had in his possession a quantity of marijuana.

ASs a result, he was also arrested and expected to be charged.

Both offences are being investigated by PC Ramroop.