Police in Canada have told people to stop reporting their neighbours for growing cannabis after the country lifted a ban on the drug.

Authorities in Toronto also urged the public not to report adults “for smoking a joint” as Canada becomes only the second nation in the world to fully legalise recreational use of marijuana.

The city’s police have launched an awareness campaign in a bid to prevent time-wasting calls as new laws come into force on Wednesday.

“This change represents a significant transition, not just for members of the Toronto Police Service but for all Canadians,” said police chief Mark Saunders. “Going forward it is important for everyone to take the time to educate themselves on legalisation.”

In a series of tweets, Toronto police urged people to no longer contact officers about “your neighbour’s pot plants”, “smelling weed from your neighbour’s home”, or “an adult smoking a joint”.

“Cannabis is no longer illegal,” the posts said. “Do not call police for this.”

Growing up to four cannabis plants will be allowed per household in Canada, which is the largest country in the world to legalise recreational use of the drug.

Consumption will be legal anywhere where smoking is permitted – except in motor vehicles – for people aged 19 and above.

Source:  https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/toronto-cannabis-weed-marijuana-legalisation-canada-stop-snitching-a8587556.html