1) Tangerine Power Shatter by Sin City Oilers

First Place, The Secret Cup NorCal

THC: 63%; CBD: .24%

A succulent blend of Sin City’s own Agent Orange and Blue Power, this flavor-filled shatter tastes like a bucket of Tangerines coated with THC. Other citrusy notes dosed with a hearty offering of Kush spice this one up.

2) White Mousse Budder by Kong Budder

Best Budder, Secret Cup Denver

THC: 69% ; CBD: .2%; TRA 1ppm

3.Blue Banner Fire Water Hash from Trichomy Heavy Extraction Technologies

Top Solventless, Secret Cup Denver

THC: 55% ; CBD: 0.1% ; TRA: 0ppm

This entry is a phenomenal example of Ice Water Hash. While it could easily pass as BHO and looks a lot like many forms of BHO Gil has shot in the past, its brilliance is a reflection of Trichome Heavy Extraction Technologies’ next level skill. Proving again that hash is not always what it may initially seem to be!

4. Pre Poison Shatter from Son Tron

First Place, The Secret Cup Denver

THC: 47% ; CBD: 17% ; TRA: 97ppm

5. Strawberry Fantasy Shatter from Natural Selection

Highest Terps,The Secret Cup Denver

THC: 63%; CBD: 0.1%; TRA: 4 ppm

6. Eddy Lepp OG Bubble by Boo Boo’s Bubble/3rd Gen Family

Non-solvent, The Secret Cup Norcal

THC: 54.78% ; CBD: .23%

7. Lemon Skunk Honeycomb

6tt Place The Secret Cup Pacific Northwest

THC: 59.48% ; CBD: 2.17%

8. Captain Pineapple Shatter by Brutal Bee Concentrates

Second Place, Highest THC, The Secret Cup Norcal

THC: 67.17% ; CBD: .22%

9. Tahoe OG Shatter by Shatter House

Third Place, The Secret Cup Denver

THC: 69% ; CBD: 0.2% ; TRA 7ppm

10. White Dawg Shatter by James Nettles

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