The best places to smoke weed and watch a movie in Los Angeles

The Montalbán Theater is located in Hollywood and its rooftop is used to project movies that are staples of cannabis culture, stoners know that weed and movies go together like peas and carrots and the administration of Montalbán knows that there is profit in making the ideal environment so people can gather and toke up.


Rico Montanez and James Jordan are the head honchos of the Cannabis & Movie Club who are in charge of these events that have to sail the legal seas of what is allowed and what is not.

It is complicated to have an event that promotes usage, even when it is legal

“To create consistency and also find a commercial location that has a big insurance package and is willing to take the risk on this particular idea is extremely hard,” Jordan mentions. “It’s not that there’s not entrepreneurs out there that will swing the bat, it’s that they don’t have the legal strategy and framework that we spent a lot of time creating in order to attract the brands, particularly the bigger brands, who will not get involved if there’s no appropriate legal framework.”

Prohibition or not

Professor Robert Solomon who is the co-chair of UC Irvine’s Center for the Study of Cannabis adds his expertise by saying that”In California, the statutes allow localities to veto any cannabis within their jurisdiction. Eighty percent of the state, geographically, has no cannabis, in this case, there is no particular prohibition in LA. What I understand the club is trying to do is comply with state law, or to say it differently, not violate state law. That means it can’t be public, so they form a club; it has to be out of sight, so they do it on a rooftop.”

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