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We’re surprised there’s no Terry Gilliam movies in their list…..

They write………..It’s surprising—there aren’t many films that focus expressly on psilocybin mushrooms and the unique experiences that they inspire. Fortunately, the third wave of the psychedelic renaissance has inspired a renewed interest in psychedelic documentaries and films. Here are a few movies about mushrooms and psychedelics worth watching:

Fantastic Fungi  

If you’re fascinated by mushrooms and want to learn more about the pervasive and even mystical role that fungi play in nature, this documentary is for you. Fantastic Fungi is a beautiful film directed by Louie Schwartzberg and narrated by Brie Larson. Mushroom experts like Paul Stamets make guest appearances, along with authors like Michael Pollan and Eugenia Bone. It’s a film that will shift your perspective on the natural world around you.

Magic Medicine (2018)

Magic Medicine movie poster

Magic Medicine is a documentary that follows the first-ever clinical trial on psilocybin therapy for patients struggling with depression in the United Kingdom. Inspiration for the trial started with one simple question: “What would happen if we gave psilocybin to people suffering from severe depression?” It’s touching, intimate, and explores difficult topics like trauma and mental health with great empathy. Could the results of this study change the course of depression treatment in the future? Watch and see. Directed by Monty Wates.

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Have A Good Trip (2020) 

Netflix’s Have A Good Trip is not about mushrooms per se but rather about the broader experience of psychedelics and culture. Listen to anecdotes from celebrities like Sting, A$AP Rocky, and Sarah Silverman as they reminisce about their experiences with psychedelics and the meaning that they’ve brought into their lives. Finally, learn general facts about psychedelics through dazzling illustrations.

Best Movies to Watch on Shrooms (and Some TV Shows, Too)

When it comes to watching movies on shrooms, we have one word of advice—to each their own. By now, it’s common knowledge that set and setting are two of the most important aspects of a good shrooms trip. So, the movie you pick to watch can have a strong influence on the trip. Watching horror? Maybe not the best idea. Psychological thrillers or movies with intense plotlines may also be tricky.

While tripping, it can also be difficult to pay attention to a film fully. Your focus may bob in and out. It may be uncomfortable to sit too long. Reading subtitles may be challenging. So, it may not be the time to watch a movie that you’ve waited a long time to see—especially if you’re new to the psilocybin experience and don’t quite know where your mind will take you.


Animated films are perhaps some of the best movies to watch on shrooms. Why? They’re visually pleasing and often entrancing. Animated movies like Fantasia are often trip-favorites because of both the visuals and the music. Plotlines and movie concepts can become less important, and viewers can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fantasia (1940) & Fantasia 2000 (1999) 

Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 are among the most-recommended movies to watch while tripping on shrooms. The graphics and classical music are mesmerizing, taking you on a “journey through the imagination” through eight animated segments. Celebrities like Steve Martin and Quincy Jones introduce segments in Fantasia 2000, which is the commemorative and anthological remake of the 1940 classic.

Yellow Submarine (1968)

Yellow Submarine is another psychonaut fan-favorite. The Beatles music coupled with bright and colorful retro-style graphics makes for a comforting and jolly watching experience. And the plotline is quite silly—the group accompanies Captain Fred on a journey to Pepperland in his yellow submarine on a mission to free it from the grumpy and music-hating Blue Beanies.

Loving Vincent (2017)

The verbal content of Loving Vincent may get a little heavy for a mushroom trip; it confronts death, mental illness, and suicide. But, here’s what’s beautiful about it: this film is made entirely with paintings. So, whether you decide to watch it with the audio or not, Loving Vincent is still amazing to look at silent. It’s easy enough to put on some soothing music and simply watch and observe the visual treats instead—an interesting choice if you don’t plan on sitting down or watching an entire movie. (Of course, it’s a stunning film, so it’s certainly worth watching to completion as well.)

Nature & Documentary 

Many people who use psychedelics feel a strong connection with nature either during or after the experience—or both! So, what better to put on while tripping than a nature documentary with stunning sounds and footage?  Here are a few top picks:

Night on Earth (2020)

Netflix’s Night on Earth is a technological feat. The documentary series uses innovative camera technology to lift the cover of darkness and reveals the private world of nighttime wildlife in full color—a beautiful thing to see while tripping. However, be warned about scenes of hunting animals. For some people, these types of scenes may be a little jarring while tripping, and particularly while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

Planet Earth (2006) 

Planet Earth is a classic from BBC. David Attenborough’s soothing voice walks you through different biomes, highlighting both the beauty and the drama of the earth’s wild spaces. It’s one of the first major nature documentaries to be shot in high-definition 4k video. So, the footage is still breathtaking, even a decade after the series first aired.

One Strange Rock  (2018)

The power of Space and Nature combine in One Strange Rock, narrated by Will Smith. This National Geographic series explores life on earth from the perspective of real astronauts, who have spent years looking back on our planet from space. Enjoy scenic shots of nature on earth, as well as actual footage from space.

Cosmos (1980, 2014) 

Cosmos has been a stoner favorite for decades, and understandably so—not only do galactic shots inspire amazement and wonder, but both Carl Sagen and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are well-known proponents of cannabis reform. While tripping, this timeless classic may still be one of the best and most benign shows to play.

Science Fiction 

Awe-inspiring graphics is a common theme amongst the best movies for tripping. If out-of-this-world graphics are your jam, what could be better than a space opera? Here are some picks worth considering:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001 Space Odyssey is ranked a fan-favorite movie to watch on shrooms—indeed, it’s regarded as one of the most influential films ever made. Follow the plight of Dr. Heywood Floyd, Chairman of the United States National Council of Astronautics, as he travels to investigate a four-million-year-old artifact that’s been buried near a lunar crater. (And enjoy the realistic depictions of space travel and philosophical musings on existence while you’re at it.) Although it’s important to keep in mind that while this piece is considered a masterpiece of its time, it may not live up to the diversity and inclusion standards that we collectively hold today.


Interstellar is another fan-favorite amongst movie-watching psychonauts. It portrays earth devastated by the impacts of climate change and a team of astronauts’ efforts during their last effort to save the human race. Interstellar touches on themes of loneliness, love, and the meaning of existence alongside a high-budget portrayal of the wonders of space and physics.


Arrival is a far more subtle film than 2001 and Interstellar. Amy Adams plays a linguistics professor who has accepted the job of a lifetime—decoding an alien language that’s unlike anything ever heard on earth. While dark at times and potentially a little intimidating for a shroom trip, this film’s underlying philosophy is one of immeasurable empathy and peace.