The Algarve: Traffickers arrested after being rescued from drifting boat

Two drug traffickers saw no choice but to call for help after their boat malfuctioned off the Algarve coast in the early hours of Wednesday morning, leading police to find several bales of drugs floating near their boat.

The two Spanish men, aged 45 and 48, claimed to be fishing when they explained what they were doing at sea.

However, the floating bales of hashish that were found by maritime police near the boat led authorities to conclude that the duo had thrown them into the sea so that they wouldn’t be found when police agents arrived to rescue them.

Around 700 kilos of hashish divided into 20 bales were found by police near the Armona/Farol breakwater in Olhão, according to the National Maritime Authority (AMN).

PJ police have since confirmed that the two men appeared before a judge and have been remanded in custody.

Drug traffickers arrested after being rescued from drifting boat

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