Thailand’s Business World Goes Weed Mad !

ABC Australia reports

Businesses in Thailand cash in on cannabis-infused desserts, bubble tea after government eases restrictions on CBD use

Thailand’s businesses have begun to cash in on a consumer frenzy for all things marijuana – including desserts, bubble tea and skin care  –  after restrictions on the drug eased.

The country last year allowed cannabis extracts and leaves to be used in cosmetics, food and drinks and decriminalised the private consumption and growth of the entire plant in June.

It was the first Asian country to do so, with officials banking on developing the drug as a lucrative local industry.

In 2018 it also became the first South-East Asian country to legalise marijuana for medical use and research, a decision which has since seen the industry boom.

Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul, the main driver behind the policy, estimated Thailand’s cannabis industry to be valued at more than $US3 billion ($4.33 billion) within the next five years.

“I want to see people getting rich out of doing these products in a positive way,” he told Reuters.