Thai Herb Plus opened Pattaya’s first cannabis business, offering foodbeverages and other products made from previously illegal marijuana.

Rungsri Jungthanasombat, director of Thai Traditional Medicine Development Center, opened Reun Reang Kan at the C Space Market on Soi Chaiyapruek 2.

His legal cannabis products are made from stems, roots and leaves which have their inebriating THC removed.

Herbal drinks with cannabis are served at the shop for 50 baht per glass – and no charge for seniors.

Previously, Thailand considered cannabis a Category 5 narcotic. While recreational and selling of marijuana remains illegal, certain uses were decriminalized last year.

Rungsri’s Thai Herb Plus initiative will host a cannabis-products fair at Terminal 21 Pattaya March 16-21 to educate the public on the new products. He also plans to open a second store at Tukcom in South Pattaya.