Miaoli County district prosecutors and the Criminal Investigation Bureau raided a property in Zhunan Township, Thursday, September 5, and arrested four men involved in growing marijuana which they processed into chocolate products.

According to a report in Liberty Times, the police were astonished to find that the men did not sell the leaves and flowers of the plant to be smoked, but rather processed it into edible products.

Investigators seized 220 mature cannabis plants, 11 seedlings, a quantity of seeds, a batch of cannabis chocolate, 13.9 grams of hemp powder, a bottle of hemp oil, and growing and drying equipment.

According to China Times, police were tipped off that a group was growing marijuana and processing it into chocolate for sale.

After investigating and monitoring the building for several days, police decided to raid and search the property on the third floor of a building on Dapu Street at around 8:00am Thursday morning.

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