Syrian Army Announce Seizure Of American Made Weapons & Lots of Hashish

Syrian Army Announce Seizure Of American Made Weapons & Lots of Hashish

Yes it is the Syrian regime so we take with a pinch of salt – but we can’t see too much of a reason to deny the veracity of the report. Trade of Hashis and weapons isn’t exactly alien to the region…


The Syrian Armed Forces uncovered a massive weapons cache in southern Syria this week while combing through the areas previously controlledby the militant forces.

According to reports, the Syrian military found anti-armor missiles, a large number of shells and machine guns, among them American-made ones, more than half a million rounds of varying caliber, and hundreds of kilograms of hashish

In a statement to a SANA reporter, a source in the competent authorities indicated that “through follow-up and as part of operations to clear the areas liberated from the remnants of the terrorists, large quantities of light and medium weapons and ammunition were found, including American-made rifles and anti-armor missiles.”

The source indicated that among the seizures were (23 mm) anti-aircraft and assorted machine guns (M16) of American origin, night vision binoculars and communication devices used by militant groups to establish operating rooms among them in addition to (BN29) missiles, anti-armor and anti-tank Fagot missiles and quantities of RPGs and hundreds of kilograms of hashish.

The source pointed out that the seizures also included “more than half a million rounds of machine guns and assault rifles, including bullets for machine guns of caliber (14.5 mm and 12.7 mm and 23 mm) in addition to anti-armor landmines,” noting that these large quantities of weapons “are a clear indication of the support that terrorist groups have received from countries that support terrorism.

The weapons cache also had a number U.S.-made TOW missiles that were left behind by Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants.

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