Spanish Police Seize Largest Amount Of Marijuana Ever Worth $64m

All the headlines are running this as the largest seizure ever. We’re pretty sure there have been larger seizures in the last year alone. But be that as it may it’s a lot of weed and next week there’ll be another bust. The amount of black market weed that goes through Spain is insane.

The 32 tonnes had a street worth of at least 64 million Euros ($63.74 million).

During the Gardens operation, police searched numerous farms and manufacturing facilities all around Spain. Nine men and eleven women, all between the ages of 20 and 59, were detained.

Spain’s Civil Guard issued a statement saying, “The Civil Guard has seized the largest hoard of packaged marijuana identified thus far.”

It amounted to almost 1.1 million plants.

According to the police, the gang packaged and shipped the dried marijuana plants to various locations in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain.

Last month, the gang was apprehended in Toledo, Ciudad Real, Valencia, and Asturias, but the operation’s specifics were only made public on Saturday.


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