The driver allegedly tried to flee, but was prevented by officers who found 600 grams of hashish in the car.

The three male occupants were all arrested and officers recovered keys to a second car from one of them.

Suspecting the other vehicle was involved in criminal activity, it was traced to Estrella del Mar Avenue and searched. Eighty kilos of hashish was found in the boot.

The car was in the name of the female detainee who was arrested for allegedly collaborating with the three men, by registering the vehicle which was being used to transport drugs in exchange for a fee.

In addition, it was discovered a European arrest warrant and detention order had been issued by the French authorities who were searching for one of the group members in connection with murder.

Sources claim the fugitive gave the police documentation which related to his brother to avoid being identified.

As a result of the investigation, four people were arrested for the alleged involvement in drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation, and officers seized 80.6 kilos of hashish, two vehicles and €3,100.