Euro News reports….THE alleged perpetrators are a couple, said to be the president and vice president of a cannabis association in Torrevieja, consisting of a 40-year-old man of Chilean nationality and a 32-year-old Spanish woman.

Upon a raid of the house, the police found in every room they examined, various types of drugs (marihuana, hashish, cocaine and amphetamine), all in different forms (plants, buds, oil, resin, raw, in doses or in tablets), with the highlight being two marihuana crops growing inside cupboard greenhouses and plants on the interior patio being entertained by music.

Marihuana buds were also found in bags in the fridge, which is said to help maintain their freshness.

The full extent of the items recovered from the house were: 160 marihuana plants, 400 grams of marihuana buds, 165 grams of hashish oil, 160 grams of hashish resin, 125 grams of hashish, 15 grams of cocaine, one dose of amphetamine, €1,400 in cash and one gun.

With sufficient evidence, and after a thorough investigation was carried out, the two were imprisoned.

The Guardia Civil arrest two people after finding marihuana growing inside their cupboards