Euro News reports…

Galician pensioners arrested after more than 450 kilos of hashish found in motorhome.

THE retired couple in Oviedo is believed to be part of an organisation transporting and distributing drugs in the north of Spain.

In a statement, the National Police said “a criminal network established in Galicia is now considered neutralised after more than a year of investigation”.

An early morning search of the motorhome took place on December 16, after officers from the Udyco of the Provincial Police Station of Pontevedra and of the Oviedo drug group stopped the vehicle driven by the arrested couple on the A-8as they passed through the Asturian capital.

The hashish was found in a hidden compartment at the back of the motorhome owned by the retired couple from Pontevedra, who tried to convince police they were tourists.

Officers also found €14,000 in cash, a rifle, 147 cartridges and five mobile phones.