GUARDIA Civil have seized 155kg of marijuana and 60kg of hash after officers found them stashed inside 26 vegetable pallets destined for Italy. Reports Euro News Weekly..

Seven people have been arrested, including three of Italian nationality, one Portuguese and three Spanish, for drug trafficking, with several vehicles used in drug trafficking operations also being seized.

The investigation began when the Guardia Civil officers observed that in several warehouses of La Algaba and Montequinto, Seville, there was always continuous movements by several foreign individuals, and after further investigations, the officers were able to verify that three individuals were continuously accessing a warehouse in the Montequinto industrial estate despite no commercial activity of any kind being observed.

Subsequently, the perpetrators, who used vehicles that had had their number plates replaced with ones belonging to other vehicles of the same make and model, were transporting the pallets out of the warehouses under the pretence of food deliveries, despite them not being set up to do so.

Following the arrests, a meticulous examination of the vegetable pallets found a total of 155 kg of marijuana, in transparent vacuum-packed packages and 60 kg of hashish in tablets were located, hidden among the merchandise, which were destined for Bari and Rome.