The South African reports…

This one-month-old Cape Town company is committed to growing your weed and delivering it right to your doorstep. In fact, it’s something vaguely similar to Uber Eats.

The Haze Club found a simple solution to the not so simple process of growing cannabis. It operates at a high tech cannabis facility which is created to grow quality weed for those who can’t cultivate their own. The company simply manages the cultivation process on your behalf, day and night until the weed is grown to your perfection.

The only requirement is that you supply your own seeds and they are willing to do the rest:

“By supplying your own seeds your choice of strain is endless. Give us that special strain, we’ll grow it to perfection. Local seedbanks such as CannaBank and Green Smoke Room provide quality genetics from international breeders, and serve as a great resource for information on cannabis strains.”

Haze Club

The club offers a high tech space to grow your cannabis from the seeds you supply and monitors the cultivation of your plants. It does not sell weed, it simply grows your seeds. The delivery of the weed takes between 12 to 14 weeks and membership costs R949 per month.