A 38-year-old Singaporean male was arrested on Apr 28 after CNB officers seized a total of 36 grams of “Ice” and 87 cakes believed to be infused with cannabis during a drug bust.

After being brought to his hideout in the same vicinity, five packets containing “Ice,” the cakes suspected to contain cannabis and various drug paraphernalia, were seized from the residential unit.

Investigations into the drug activities of the suspect are ongoing.

“CNB is aware that in various jurisdictions around the world, some have decriminalised or legalised cannabis, and they allow the sale of cannabis or products containing cannabis.”

CNB’s statement added that there is scant evidence of the safety and efficacy of long-term cannabis use. These findings corroborate Singapore’s position that cannabis should remain an illicit drug.

CNB reminded the public that cannabis is addictive and harmful and is a Class A controlled drug listed under Singapore’s Misuse of Drugs Act (MDA).

“The consumption, possession, trafficking, import or export of any controlled drugs, including cannabis and cannabis products, is an offence under the MDA.”

CNB also urged parents to play an active part to protect the youth from the menace of drugs, and to remind their children that they should not consume products unknown to them, or offered by strangers.

“To entice more youths to consume these products, they are often disguised as candy or other food products,” said CNB.

Members of the public can contact the CNB hotline at 1800-325-6666 for advice and assistance if they come across such suspected food products or are worried that their children may be involved with drugs./TISG

Source:  https://theindependent.sg/cakes-believed-to-be-infused-with-cannabis-seized-during-cnb-drug-bust/