The opeeration began early on Thursday morning, the 26th of November. Over 150 officers from various departments carried out raids across the Andalusian capital and its province, arresting seven people and seizing six vehicles. Over 1200 kilos of hashish were seized as well as 50 kilos of herbal cannabis.

Police have so far confirmed that properties were raided in Torreblanca, a suburb of east Seville, and La Rinconada, a small town north of the city. Officers also entered a plantation in Orgiva, Granada province, where the gang was allegedly cultivating the drugs. It is understood the criminal group was also importing huge quantities of hashish and cannabis from Cadiz, Huelva, and Malaga on the coast.

Investigations are ongoing in this vast operation and are certain to cause major disruption to Seville’s lucrative drug trade and that of the wider region. The raids were coordinated between Seville Command, anti-trafficking force OCON-Sur, the Rapid Action Group, and the Reserve and Security Group.