You can rely on Scotland for the story of the week !

The Daily Record reports

The pair were shopped by officers who spotted the bizarre scene while out on patrol in Renfrew.

Both officers approached the two men with the trolley, which was filled with bin bags and quickly detected the smell of cannabis.

After inspecting the bags, they discovered thousands of pounds of cannabis plants, which police believe they were trying to move from a location nearby.

One of the bags was filled with cannabis buds, which police say is worth around £5,000.

The bizarre incident has been described as “unusual” by Inspector Allan O’Hare, of Johnstone, Renfrew and the villages policing team.

He said: “This was an unusual incident and it is not often we come across scenarios like this, particularly at that time of the day.

“The officers were suspicious of the men as their actions seemed out of the ordinary.

“They were quick to detect a smell of cannabis as they approached them and took necessary action.”