Scotland: Dundee Hill walker Didn’t Realize His Plants Were Worth So Much !

We enjoyed this story in the Dundee Courier especially the bit where he makes it clear he isn’t going to give up smoking weed !


A Dundee hillwalker grew more than £10,000 worth of cannabis to feed his habit when he got stuck indoors after falling and injuring himself during a trek.

Offshore worker Craig Heary claimed he was shocked when police told him his first crop was worth more than £10,000.

Heary, 42, told Dundee Sheriff Court he had no idea his crop of 16 plants would be so successful and yield such a valuable crop of the illicit drug.

He started growing his own drugs in his attic to feed a substantial habit after losing his job in the oil industry.

Fiscal depute David Currie told the court: “On March 10 a search warrant was executed, based on information received by the police. Entry was granted by the accused and the search was carried out. Police found the cannabis cultivation in the attic space.

“Sixteen plants were found in the attic space, along with other related items. It was estimated to be worth between £3,800 and £11,000.”

Solicitor John Boyle, defending, said: “He suffered a fairly traumatic injury while hillwalking and that had the effect of making him housebound for some time.

“He took cannabis regularly and took the decision to grow it.

“He has no intention to stop and has been honest with the social worker.”

Mr Boyle added: “He had been out of work for some time prior to this due to injury. He had a fairly excessive cannabis habit and started growing the plants.

“He was somewhat shocked at the value. This was the first occasion he had grown cannabis plants.

“He is still smoking cannabis, but not to the same extent.”

Heary, from Dundee, admitted cultivating and possessing cannabis at his home on March 10.

He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.