Saudi sentenced to 20 years in prison after police find drugs hidden in wife’s car

A Saudi citizen has been sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined over $26,600 for drug trafficking after authorities found narcotics he hid in his wife’s car.

The Saudi Public Prosecution on Monday announced that the man was charged with possession of narcotics with the intention of selling.

Authorities uncovered 95 kilograms of the narcotic hashish and 4,047 pregabalin pills hidden in different places in his wife’s car.

According to the prosecution, the man’s family was unaware of the narcotics and were under the impression that he was only using the vehicle to transport his wife to Jeddah ahead of a planned Umrah trip.

The Kingdom has stringent laws against the import, manufacture, possession, and use of drugs.

The Kingdom’s Narcotics Control Law differentiates between narcotics smugglers, dealers, and users when it comes to the punishment.

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