Pretty sure we reported on another bust in Jazan only a week ago..

Arab News reports

  • The narcotics were seized in two separate operations in Jazan
  • 70 kilograms of hashish were found hidden inside a vehicle’s fuel tank

LONDON: Authorities in southwestern Saudi Arabia seized 94 kilograms of hashish on Wednesday, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Interior said.
Col. Ahmed Al-Towayan, director of relations and media at the ministry’s Agency for Security Affairs, said that security regiments patrolling in the Al-Dair governorate in the Jazan region managed to seize 70 kilograms of hashish hidden inside a vehicle’s fuel tank.
He also said that during another patrol, security forces seized 24 kilograms of hashish from the “possession of violators of the border security system” in the Fayfa governorate in Jazan, adding that the perpetrators were of Ethiopian nationality.
Al-Towayan said that those involved have been arrested and that all preliminary legal procedures against them have been completed and referred to the competent authority.