RIYADH: Saudi authorities on Tuesday foiled attempts to smuggle 308.6 kilograms of hashish and 23.7 tons of khat into the Kingdom.

Lt. Col. Misfer bin Ghannam Al-Quraini, spokesman for the Border Guards, said that coastal patrols in Ras Tanura in the Eastern Province thwarted a bid to sneak 220.6 kilograms of hashish into the country, and in another operation stopped 88 kilograms of hashish and 23.7 tons of khat entering the Kingdom.

Security officials also seized 14,224 pills subject to the regulation of medical circulation in Jazan region.
Twelve people were arrested, five of them Ethiopians, four Saudis, and three Yemenis, Al-Quraini revealed, adding that legal procedures had been completed, and the seized goods had been handed over to the relevant authority.