121 accused arrested amid ongoing operations by border guards

Abu Dhabi: Saudi border guards have thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of hashish and khat into the Kingdom through its southern borders.

Border Guards spokesman Lt. Col. Misfer bin Ghannam Al Quraini said that as part of ongoing operations by the border guards to combat drug smuggling and stop targeting the Kingdom with narcotics, a plot to smuggle a 488kg of hashish and 34.49 tonnes of khat was uncovered in Jazan, southwest corner of Saudi Arabia.

Other attempts were foiled to smuggle 184kg of khat in the Asir, southwest of the county, 293km of hashish in Najran, southwestern Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen, as well as 971,676 amphetamine tablets in Al Jawf region, north of the country.

Al Quraini said 121 accused were arrested in the smuggling attempts, including 91 in the Jazan region, 17 in the Najran region, 10 in Asir region, and three accused in the Al Jawf region, after they crossed the borders of the Kingdom.

The accused have been referred to the relevant authorities for further action.

Source:  https://gulfnews.com/world/gulf/saudi/saudi-arabia-thwarts-attempts-to-smuggle-tonnes-of-drugs-1.76851160