Salisbury poisoning suspects ‘smoked weed and slept with prostitute night before attack’ reports The Metro.. Fake News.. who knows?

At this stage nothing surprises us about this story


The Salisbury poisoning attack suspects had sex with a prostitute and smoked marijuana the night before the incident, according to reports.

Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov were apparently partying at the City Stay Hotel, in Bow, east London, on March 3, it was alleged.

UK authorities have since charged the men with trying to kill double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, with nerve agent Novichok.

The Skripals survived the March 4 attack in Salisbury, but Dawn Sturgess, 44, later died after apparently having contact with the poison.

Counter-terror police confirmed Petrov and Boshirov had been at the City Stay Hotel for two nights and later revealed they found Novichok samples in their room.

A police officer stands outside the City Stay Hotel (Picture: Reuters)

A guest told The Sun on Sunday they spotted one of the suspects while staying at the two-star hotel, which cost the men £75-a-night.

He said: ‘I could smell weed from their room, it was by the door and in the corridor, it was unmistakable.

‘Later there was a woman in there – I think it was a prostitute. They were having sex, definitely.

‘I heard them having really loud sex for a long time.’

The suspects had apparently kept guests awake through the night with their noise and reportedly left their room in such a terrible state it needed to be redecorated.

Petrov and Boshirov returned to Russia shortly after the poisoning attack.

They appeared Thursday on the state-funded RT channel, saying they visited Salisbury as tourists and had nothing to do with the poisoning.

The pair denied the British claim they were Russian military intelligence officers, saying they work in the nutritional supplements business.

Russia said it was ready to consider a request by British investigators to come and interrogate the men if it was made.