Police said today that a Russian national, identified as 31-year-old Andrew Ayer, who was arrested in Kuta for carrying over half a kilo of hashish in his backpack, is connected to a Russian drug network in Bali.

“He is part of a Russian network who sells drugs in Bali,” Denpasar Police Chief Ruddi Setiawan told reporters today, as quoted in a statement.

Police said Ayer was arrested on the evening of Oct. 1 at Shisha Cafe in Kuta, where police found six packages containing hashish, a potent form of marijuana, in his backpack.

Ayer reportedly told the police that he had purchased the illegal goods online and that he did not know the seller. Police said he catered specifically to foreign customers, and that he sold the drugs for IDR2.5 million (US$176) per gram.

According to Ruddi, Ayer has visited Bali three times using a holiday visa, and that he’s bought hashish six times during that period. However, he did not elaborate on Ayer’s connection to the aforementioned network.

“I suggest both foreign and domestic tourists who are on vacation in Bali to refrain from even trying drugs, [if caught] we will sternly act upon it,” Ruddi said.

Under Indonesia’s Law on Narcotics, Ayer faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.