Regional South Australia has taken out top spot in the latest wastewater report.. they like lots of drugs and as cheap as possible please..

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission released the latest findings from the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program, revealing the level of harm experienced by residents.

South Australia as a whole has taken top place in a less than desired category, we ranked first nationally in capital city consumption of methylamphetamine (Meth).

Regional South Australia has also placed first for Meth, MDMA and Fentanyl use, with a tidy second place in consumption of Cannabis use.

Across the Regional South Australia, Alcohol consumption had dropped significantly from April 2022, with below the regional average for August 2022.

Cannabis is currently being used more than 4x the national average in regional South Australia.

Cocaine and Heroin, are at an all time low across the region, likely due to higher costs, and difficulties from importation due to many successful police operations.

Fentanyl, Ketamine, Oxycondone, Meth and MDMA consumption have all seen a significant rise in use.

The commission’s acting chief executive officer, Matt Rippon, said that much of the harm suffered at the hands of organised crime is because of illicit drugs.

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