RayWear’s revolutionary gear protects growers from light radiation in modern cultivation environments. The industry has turned a blind eye to worker health and safety despite promoting the plant’s health benefits. A safe work environment for cultivators and growers are not a priority for lawmakers. RayWear Clothing Company’s mission is to protect growers, with a line of durable, incredibly soft apparel, from intense radiation produced by modern grow rooms and prolonged outdoor cultivation.

RayWear’s founder, Daniel Jordan, has been concerned about the health risks of light radiation. He believes cultivators making a living in grow rooms deserve a safe, non threatening working environment; that’s why he researched light radiation and ways to protect people from it.

Although there is UV-protective clothing, grow lights emit an entire spectrum of light — ultraviolet (UVA, UVB), visible (VR) and infrared (IR) — that harms humans when under prolonged exposure. Health-conscious workers wearing UV-protective clothing are shielding themselves from only a fraction of light spectrum radiation present.

RayWear Releases Clothing Line Dedicated to Protecting Cannabis Cultivators