The Emerald reports…

Killer Mike is now publicly challenging the President elect Joe Biden to enact the same policies that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., proposed during his 2020 presidential run.
“I want to challenge Joe Biden to do what Bernie Sanders did. He would have descheduled it the first day of his presidency,” he explained to TMZ. “You have the power of that pen to invoke things like gun laws, you should have the power of that pen to take it off the Schedule I list to if nothing, it’s decriminalized to the point that kids’ lives aren’t being ruined today.”
More specifically, Killer Mike hopes to see 25% of the industry’s profits, licenses and businesses go directly to those most affected by the War on Drugs.
“I want to demand NORML, other marijuana organizations out there to get people of color on the forefront,” he expressed. “And I’m gonna be frank and say Black folks deserve a big stake. We deserve at least 25% of the marijuana industry because it has truly been built on our back, and we need more MedMen that are owned by men like me.”
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