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Psychotropic spirits company Lively Spirits has set out to disrupt and evolve the adult beverage category with the launch of purejuana™, America’s first cannabis spirit brand. Containing no alcohol and produced from 100% fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower to retain strain-specific flavors, aroma, and psychoactive effects, purejuana is a new and all-natural way to create better-for-you craft cocktails without the drawbacks of liquor.

Conceived as a plant-derived spirit akin to mezcal or gin, purejuana is a “top shelf” soluble cannabis powder crafted to be enjoyed in a traditional cocktail or experienced “neat,” dissolved in water, seltzer or soda for a taste of the plant’s unadulterated cannabinoid spectrum. A single purejuana shot packet is the ideal serving for one drink, and with onset times and duration of effects comparable to a single serving of liquor, purejuana consumers won’t miss the alcohol, the calories, or the hangover.

“Without question, the future of the adult beverage sector is cannabis, and the cocktail is a familiar and accessible format ripe for innovation,” said Matt Cohen, Lively Spirits founder and CEO. “With purejuana, we are pioneering a rapidly dissolving dry spirit that delivers a true alcohol replacement, right down to the buzz, without diluting the distinct combination of flavors, aromas and psychoactive effects unique to each cannabis cultivar and the connoisseurs who appreciate them.”

Until now, cannabis-infused beverages sold in the U.S. market have relied on the use of THC distillate, a highly-processed concentrate that strips away the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids to create an odorless, tasteless extract that produces consistent, unvaried effects – limiting the user to one homogenous high every time. purejuana is the first product of its kind to eschew distillate, using proprietary technology to derive full-spectrum THC from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flower to preserve the integrity of the plant and the natural flavors of each strain.

All purejuana products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, low calorie and grown sustainably with organic inputs. At launch, purejuana is available in five strains – Venom OG, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Purple Punch and XJ-13 – and sold in 10-count boxes at three color-coded potency levels, with each shotpack comparable to a single alcoholic drink:

  • Green label – 2.5 mg/packet; 25 mg/box for $19.00
  • Yellow label – 5 mg/packet; 50 mg/box for $20.50
  • Red label – 10 mg/packet; 100 mg/box for $22.50

Consumers can also purchase single red-label shotpacks for $2.75 each. purejuana is available at select dispensaries in Northern and Southern California, with an e-commerce option offering delivery in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Additionally, purejuana has partnered with leading bartenders across the United States to develop an initial offering of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes designed to showcase the distinct flavors and aromas of various cannabis strains. The full, ever-growing roster of purejuana cocktail recipes, from a “Chronic & Tonic” to a “Stoned Fruit Collins” can be found at