Actually we know ……Cannabis Now

The equivalent of one of those late night advertorials selling us a new type of ironing board

Saka is offered as rosé-inspired still and sparkling brut, both made from grapes but alcohol-free, and dare I say, just as delicious, if not more than your typical glass of rosé. And no, it doesn’t taste at all like cannabis. This is what will set Saka Infusions apart from other cannabis-infused beverages currently available to consumers. Sipping Saka gave light floral and citrus notes with a hint of earthiness. With very little acid, it’s refreshing and resembles a French dry cider. The effects were felt within 15-20 minutes and produced a very nice, light buzz. Actually, a very present buzz, in fact, after a few glasses, I still felt significantly more present than I have after a few glasses of wine. More enhanced happiness, openness and giggles flowed with each refill poured.

Saka is named after an ancient society of female warriors who once ruled the world and conquered all they desired. The ancient civilization of the Saka used cannabis in their deep rituals and rights of passage to provide enlightenment and well-being, for courage and fortitude. In co-founder Tracy Mason’s opening speech, she proudly stated “the Saka were the OG female bad*sses,” and this evening “celebrated them, along with the many modern ones without whom we would not be here.”

Connecting with the cosmic synergies of the full moon, Mason spoke of the beauty, rebirth and renewal it brings. The energy was feminine, powerful and inspiring, without feeling too girly. House of Saka is the brainchild of founder and cannabis industry media and tech entrepreneur, Cynthia Salarizedah. Saka’s female founders are also advised by an exceptional board of all female, powerful advisors like the brilliant Mara Gordon, the prolific legal genius Rebecca Stamey White of San Francisco’s top wine industry law firm, leading industry investors Emily Paxhia and Tahira Rehmatullah and political icon, Gale Kaufmann to name just a few.

The Saka event felt more like a high-end winemaker’s event rather than a cannabis beverage launch. For too long cannabis has been hidden, pushed outside and segmented away from mainstream society due to negative stigma, ignorance and outdated views and regulations. For decades, we were told that alcohol is OK and marijuana is bad, while we watched alcohol wreak havoc on many American lives while cannabis users were thrown in jail.

The new era has arrived, and with it the truth has come to set us free from those false beliefs. Cannabis is here, nearly harmless and is actually helping many women (and men) live their best life. It doesn’t need to replace the glass of wine, as we know wine’s not going anywhere, but thanks to House of Saka, we now have a fabulous, hangover and calorie-free beverage that we can proudly pour in any decadent (or home) setting.

Weed Women Take on Wine Country With the House of Saka