She tells New Idea magazine….

Actress Cressida Bonas broke off her two-year romance with Prince Harry because she couldn’t cope with a life in the spotlight as a royal.

And now she has revealed that she’s turned to CBD to help her feel calm and soften racing thoughts.

The 31-year-old, Harry’s last serious girlfriend before he married Meghan, allegedly uses cannabidiol − aka CBD − a legally sold compound derived from the marijuana plant.

“CBD has always helped me sleep, it makes me feel calmer and seems to soften those racing thoughts − especially in uncertain times like these,” Cressida wrote on Instagram.

“CBD pillow mist is up there with my favourites … the ingredients of CBD, lavender and chamomile are wonderfully relaxing.”

Cressida’s surprise confession comes after she recently revealed that “fear” was a major factor ultimately stopping her and Prince Harry’s relationship from progressing further.