Prince Harry says weed ‘really helped’ his mental health

Unsurprisingly the British Press love this story..

The Duke of Sussex has said marijuana ‘really helped’ him cope with his mental health struggles.

Harry, speaking this evening, meanwhile said cocaine ‘did nothing’ for him.

He went on: ‘Marijuana is different, that actually really did help me.’

Harry had sat down with physician and author Dr. Gabor Maté to discuss ‘living with loss and the importance of personal healing’ in a virtual event.

The duke also explained using psychedelics such as ayahuasca as a ‘release’ from the outside world.

He added: ‘It was the cleaning of the windscreen, cleaning of the windshield, the removal of life’s filters just as much as on Instagram, these layers of filters.

‘It removed it all for me and brought me a sense of relaxation, release, comfort, a lightness that I managed to hold on to for a period of time.

‘I started doing it recreationally and then started to realise how good it was for me, I would say it is one of the fundamental parts of my life that changed me and helped me deal with the traumas and pains of the past.’


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