Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie tells of terrifying LSD trip near East Kilbride

We love a Bobby tripping story here at W&B….tripping in disused factories in East Kilbride in the early 80’s would , we suggest, be a rather edgy experience !

The Scottish Daily record reports..

Bobby Gillespie has spoken for the first time about his terrifying experience of taking LSD near East Kilbride with rock band The Jesus and The Mary Chain.

Bobby, 59, speaks about the experience in his much anticipated book Tenement Kid which comes out on October 14 and tells of his childhood growing up in a Glasgow tenement for the first ten years of his life and his subsequent rise to fame.

In the book the Primal Scream rocker, who recently played TRNSMT festival, talks about his spell in The Jesus and Mary Chain in the mid 80s and claims he shared LSD with them in a disused factory just outside East Kilbride.

In says the drug took him on a terrifying trip and made him think the surrounding fields had turned into swarms of locusts.

He also says that band member William Reid thought his fringe had turned into spiders which were crawling into his brain.

During the trip Bobby said he also took off his clothes and climbed on top of bass player Douglas Hart who thought he was being flattened into a piece of cardboard by Bobby and that angry locals were shooting at them.

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