Here’s their infographic..


The average price per milligram of THC in infused cannabis products such as beverages and edibles has declined steadily since January 2020, a likely sign of increased competition as marijuana markets mature.

Noninhalable marijuana products vary by size, dosage and item price, so measuring the price by the amount of THC it contains provides a valuable tool for comparing product categories and markets.

But the decline could also be explained by a change in post-pandemic buying trends as marijuana consumers spend more on products with higher THC doses.

For example, edibles with 100 milligrams of THC have accounted for a larger share of sales in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state, increasing from 78% in January 2020 to 83% this month.

Cooper Ashley, senior data analysis for Headset, a Seattle-based marijuana data analysis firm, said the price per milligram of THC usually decreases with larger package size, which can cause the overall prices to drop over time.