Serda’s Coffee Co. announced today the immediate availability of their newest development; a way to infuse coffee with CBD which gives them the ability to infuse any coffee with any amount of CBD. John Serda, Owner of Serda’s Coffee has perfected the ability to customize the amount of CBD in the consumer’s coffee based on the customer’s preferences.

“If you want our Ethiopian Gera Estate with 150mg or our Costa Rican Ateneo with 300mg, no problem. Our new method gives customers the selection they have been looking for which has been lacking in the market. Other coffee roasters that provide CBD infused coffees only offer one varietal of coffee, where we can offer 20 and more,” said John Serda, Owner of Serda’s Coffee Co.


Serda worked with a dedicated food scientist, top rated CBD from Mile High Labs of Broomfield, Colorado, and PharmLabs in Coachella, CA to develop, test, and produce the CBD levels from bean to cup. The intensive process has been nearly a year in the making in order to verify and perfect the amount of CBD in the brewed coffee to make sure the CBD was extracted out of the coffee beans during the brewing process.  “It’s easy to add CBD to coffee beans,” said Serda, “getting it back out in your cup when you brew the coffee is the trick.”

Serda’s CBD Coffee is available for pre-order at by selecting any coffee type and simply adding the CBD Infusion level of choice at checkout. Serda’s Coffee.

Founded in 2008 and based in Mobile, Alabama, Serda’s Coffee Co. is committed to providing the finest arabica coffees from around the world along with a great selection of other fine foods, drinks and desserts. The Serda’s name doesn’t just start your day but it helps celebrate it through Serda Brewing, and keep you going with RePear, the hangover prevention/recovery drink.