LeafLogix, a cutting-edge, cloud-based seed-to-sale ERP solution for cannabis businesses, announced today that their platform powered the first ever medical cannabis sales transaction in Missouri. The historic sale was made by a cancer survivor who visited N’Bliss Cannabis, St. Louis’ first dispensary approved by the state and open to the public.

Medical sales began in the state on Saturday, October 17th after Missouri voters approved a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana in November of 2018. This is the fourth state where LeafLogix has powered a monumental first sales transaction. The company also rang up the first recreational sales in MassachusettsMichigan and Illinois.

“As an operator, the last thing we want to worry about on our opening day is our technology,” said Rodney Moentmann, Chief Operating Officer at N’Bliss. “After carefully considering different vendors, we chose to go with LeafLogix because of their ability to integrate with our other retail and marketing systems and their ability to scale with our business.” Rebecca Reardon, Chief Marketing Officer at N’Bliss added “We’re proud to have partnered with LeafLogix on this long journey to help get the patients of Missouri the medicine they need and deserve.”

The LeafLogix platform is tailored for customers that need it for high-volume, complex operations. The company takes a “best of breed” approach, working with a number of industry partners, such as LeafLink, Springbig, Leafly, Jane Technologies, WeedMaps and Dutchie.

Since LeafLogix launched in 2016, it has achieved significant market penetration across the U.S. thanks to agreements with large MSOs. Currently, 26 of the 30 top American MSOs, such as GTI, Harvest, Grassroots, Columbia Care and Holistic Industries, are LeafLogix customers. The company has also achieved over 75% market share in Massachusetts and Maryland and has a global footprint with offices in Canada and Colombia.

“We’re so proud to be powering these historic moments,” said James Minutello, CEO of LeafLogix. “Each new state that opens helps normalize the plant and fuel growth in the industry. The entire team is committed to supporting cannabis business no matter the market by building a best-in-class, enterprise solution.”