Just more processed food …we can’t even imagine how many versions there must be out in the market these days

Heaven’s Lettuce (https://heavenslettuce.com/) recently announced the launch of its new website and healthy food product: Heaven’s Lettuce Hemp Chips. Heaven’s Lettuce Hemp Chips are organically sourced from individually grown and hand-picked hemp leaves – real chips made from real hemp leaves. A completely unique product, each bag boasts over 15 grams of protein per bag – double the amount offered by typical kale chips. Heaven’s Lettuce will be celebrating the launch by giving out full-bag samples from July 18–July 20, at 23401 Civic Center Way, unit 4f, in Malibu, Calif. Heaven’s Lettuce Hemp Chips will be available to online customers in three flavors, with additional bulk ordering options for businesses.

“We’re super excited to launch this new snack food, created from real hemp leaves. This has never been done before, and we can’t wait for the world to try it,” said Co-founder Gary Avetisyan. “Most hemp food products use oil or seeds, and don’t really give you the benefits of eating the actual hemp leaves. But we intend Heaven’s Lettuce Hemp Chips to be the product that vindicates the hemp plant. Hemp is such a powerful source of healthy nutrients and minerals – basically a super food – and it has received a bad rap over the years. But our team has put together the finest organic ingredients, in a painstaking process that produces the perfect snack chip: hemp leaves coated in delicious, organic ingredients. Hemp is pure. Hemp is wholesome. And Hemp has brought people together for decades.”