The Guardia Civil has intercepted a pneumatic boat that was transporting 1,628 kilograms of drugs, specifically hashish packed into 50 bundles, off the coast of Radazul just south of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, leading to the arrest of its three Maghreb occupants.

According to the Tenerife Maritime Service (SMP), they received an alert on Wednesday night about a suspicious vessel detected through the SIVE surveillance radar near the coast of Boca Cangrejo and Playa de Nea, which was sailing without any lights on at a speed of seven knots.

For this reason, maritime agents were dispatched to the area to locate it, spotting a boat that matched the description, but couldn’t see anyone in it due to how dark it was and the lack of lights.

Once they approached the boat, they verified that there were three people onboard and quickly, as per protocols, instigated a search of the vessel to prevent them from throwing anything overboard, including the bundles they were transporting.

Once on the boat, the officers found 50 bales of hashish weighing 1,628 kilograms, satellite mobile phones, GPS locators, laptops, and fuel drums, among other materials.

Due to this, the three men on the boat were arrested and taken to the port of Santa Cruz where they were handed over to the Judicial Authorities to be charged accordingly.


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