Police find €1.5m and drugs after former reality TV contestant crashes into court car park

Yes  apparently it is all true!

Police found €1.2 million in cash, as well as large amounts of cocaine, cannabis and other drugs, in the car that a 33-year-old former reality TV contestant forcibly drove into a courthouse parking lot on Saturday morning.

Another €300,000 was subsequently recovered in a raid on the man’s home.

Soon after he crashed his way into the car park of the Court of Appeals in Athens, the man, who was a contestant on the Greek Idol show in 2010, went to a police guard and declared that he wanted to hand himself in and that he had a lot of money and drugs in his possession.

Bomb-disposal experts initially scanned the vehicle for explosives. Anti-narcotics officers then took over and found approximately €1.2 million in a suitcase, and a quantity of cocaine, in the car.

A search of the man’s house in the Athens district of Ilioupoli yielded another €300,000 and other incriminating evidence.

In total, police seized €1,513,555 and $336, 275g of cocaine, 495.5g of processed and 0.7g of raw cannabis, 37.9g of crystal meth, 131 ecstasy tablets, 3 medicinal tablets, a car, a stun gun, 267 stun gun cartridges, a safe, 4 improvised nylon packages and 4 cell phones.

The man was led before a prosecutor.


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